VLAB™ Unpacked

Software developers

Code development, bring-up, debug, and analysis

Test engineers

Test creation, execution, and reporting

Automation development engineers

Continuous development, integration and test

Virtualization engineers

Rapid development of virtualization components, virtual platforms and virtual test environments

A VLAB virtual environment will typically consist of one or more:

  • Interactive environments for user access to VLAB, either a GUI/IDE or CLI
  • Optional Suite tools for enhancing SW Development and Test, including on the fly runtime and user interactive tools
  • Processor Architectures, such as ARM, PowerPC/QorIQ, Aurix/TriCore, and RH850
  • Virtual Development Machines (VDMs)
  • Optional Virtual Platform (VP) Toolboxes for partner specific or customer specific extensions to the VLAB VDM processor architectures
  • Operating Software, either pre-qualified OS/BSP software packages, partner specific or customer specific OS/BSP or SDK packages
  • Optional virtual test instruments, benches, or test software
  • Integrations with third party or customer specific tools and environments

A VLAB user will be able to:

  • Configure the environment
  • Configure one or more VDMs with the desired hardware system architecture, including number of target CPUs, topology, memory, I/Os
  • Run, starting from power on or reloading a previously saved session
  • Configure and use debug and/or test and analysis tools as required
  • Load and run target software, built for the target environment without need for modification
  • Integrate target software and test cases, run and collect results
  • Save and replay or share one or more VDMs or the entire environment

VLAB: A Smart Investment

Find out what sort of benefits you can expect with VLAB.

VBD Methodology

Virtualisation Based Development (VBD) explained


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There are a number of reasons why customers choose VLAB.
The most common include:

  • Off the shelf solutions with a quick path to immediate value
  • Industry leading performance
  • Most cost effective access
  • Wide range of supported embedded architectures
  • Unparalleled solutions for scalability
  • Automated, fast, deterministic test and regression testing
  • Rich workflow programming and automation
  • Freely extendible and open architectures and interfaces
  • Standard compliant and interoperable with third-party tools
  • Advanced Tools for software and systems analysis and test

Which VLAB

Scale as required …


Essentials or Workstation

Enable a User with VLAB

Single User
Single Desktop Host per User
Single or Multiple VDMs per User

One or more Processor Architectures
ARM, PowerPC, RH850, TriCore

Express or Suite Edition

Node Locked or Floating

Priced per User



Supplement and Scale Capacity

Available to VLAB Desktop Users
Counted Hosts
Unlimited VDMs

One or more Processor Architectures
ARM, PowerPC, RH850, TriCore

Express or Suite Edition

Node Locked or Floating

Priced by Number of Host CPU Cores



Enable the Whole Company

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Hosts
Unlimited VDMs

All Processor Architectures
ARM, PowerPC, RH850, TriCore

Express or Suite Edition

Enterprise Wide

Priced by Number of Host CPU Cores

Enable the Impossible …


Simple to download, install and get started

Exceptional ease of use, requires no training

Use with the unmodified target toolchain and build flows

Easy to adopt and fit in existing engineering processes

No need to radically change what you do and how you do it to get value

Robust, reliable, high quality operation, requiring no support services


Out of the box use for well-defined tasks that deliver clear value

Unlimited Access and Scalability

Wide Range of Configurable Hardware Architectures

Automate every task or the entire workflow

Advanced tools and features only available in a Virtual Environment

Uncannily effective debug, test, and analysis of software execution

Customise VLAB

VLAB doesn’t force you to accept a one size fits all approach. Instead, you choose the options that best suit your situation and needs.


VLAB Express offers a simple workflow to setup, configure, load software and run a VDM. VLAB Suite unlocks ALL of the advanced user tools and capabilities of VLAB for software development, analysis, and test and for workflow automation


For every VDM, VLAB launches a separate process that manages the execution of the virtual target machine and provides for resource Isolation and protection of one VDM from all other. 

On the desktop, VLAB Essentials runs only a single VDMs, whereas VLAB Workstation can run an unlimited number of VDMs.

For additional VDMs, VLAB Server can give Workstation users access to unlimited number of VDMs on dedicated server machines.

VLAB Enterprise imposes NO limits on the number of users, the number of VDMs, or the number or type of hosts on which they can run, including desktops, servers, or the cloud.

Processor Architecture

Choose one of the CPU Processor Architectures to drive your VDM, be it ARM®, PowerPC®, RH850®, or TriCore®.

Should your developers work with multiple architectures, consider upgrading to VLAB Enterprise which includes all architectures.

Host CPU Cores

VLAB Server & VLAB Enterprise are priced by the number of host CPU cores to be used by VLAB and allow you to select this number.

In the case of VLAB Enterprise, host CPU cores are not limited to specific hosts or users and can be shared across all machines in the customer enterprise or in the cloud.

Note: VLAB Workstation is a desktop product which assumes that a desktop has up to 6 host CPU cores.

License Type

VLAB Essentials, Workstation, and Server are available with Node Locked, User locked, Local Floating or Global Floating licenses.

VLAB Enterprise is available with an enterprise wide, global license.

For further information on licensing, please contact sales.

A new chapter for VLAB

Starting in 2022, VLAB is introducing a new and exciting product lineup

VLAB Feature Comparison


Essentials Workstation Server Enterprise
Node Locked License
Site Floating License
Global Floating License
Simultaneous VDMs 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Host type Desktop PC Desktop PC (max 6 CPU cores) Server(s) with vendors
choice of max CPU cores
Any with vendors choice
of max cumulative CPU cores
VLAB Features
Express Suite
   Run / Pause / Continue
   Snapshot save / restore / clone
   Multi-threaded simulation
   Interactive software debug
   Command-line interface
   Scripting and Automation
   Software Instrumentation
   Virtual Hardware instrumentation
   Scripted breakpoints and actions
   Software coverage analysis
   Software test tools
   Software profiling
   Fault injection and analysis
   Third party tool integrations