Partner Profile: Texas Instruments

  • Texas Instruments Inc.(TI) is a global semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, tests and sells analog and embedded processing chips in markets that include industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communications equipment and enterprise systems. 
  • VLAB Works has partnered with TI to deliver highly valued simulation environments for TI devices.

VLAB Works™ & TI®

A VLAB Works Virtual EVM (V-EVM) is an equivalent of the TI EVM. Combining a VLAB model representing the EVM hardware able to run a TI Software Development Kit (SDK) in VLAB Express gives users a virtual alternative. TI SDKs against which the V-EVMs are validated, are included in the V-EVM bundle to ensure the product is usable out of the box. Alternatively TI SDKs and related resources can be downloaded directly from

VLAB Virtual Platforms:

  • J721E V-EVM (Virtual Platform for TI J721E EVM) : DRA829J, DRA829V, TDA4VM
  • J7200 V-EVM (Virtual Platform for TI J7200 EVM) : DRA821U, DRA821A
  • AM64x V-EVM (Virtual Platform for TI AM64x EVM) : AM6411, AM6412, AM6421, AM6441, AM6442

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    VLAB extends it’s TI Jacinto7 portfolio

    VLAB extends it’s TI Jacinto7 portfolio

    Glen OlafsenMay 4, 20211 min read

    VLABWorks has added to its suite of ready to go and easy to use Virtual EVMs, with the VLAB Jacinto7 J7200 Virtual EVM now available for users. Following on from the successful launch of the VLAB Jacinto7 Virtual EVM, users…