Getting started with VLAB

The evolution of the VLAB Works flagship offering VLAB is continuing. Users are now able to access a rapidly expanding list of videos to kick start or enhance their use of VLAB. In the new video portal,, you can find introductory, how-to and feature videos. The quick start guide to VLAB which is shown […]

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International Trade Policy and Software Engineering, an Obvious Double Major?

In a global marketplace, controlled by extensive laws and regulations, exporting virtual platforms can eliminate much of the risk, delays and cost involved.

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Building a test environment with simulation

One of the most challenging tasks for embedded software developers is creating a test environment that ticks all of the boxes, however there are a subset of these requirements that are uniquely addressed by incorporating simulation.

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Is COVID-19 The End Of Global Development Teamwork and Collaboration?

No, COVID-19 will not be the end of the globalization of product development and collaboration, but it does bring up some interesting questions about the way we work in today’s connected world and how that may change in the future. Historically the only way to collaborate rapidly and effectively was to get all the involved […]

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Will 2020 be The/A Year of Major Change for the Automotive Industry?

Well to start with a change this blog is going to start having content. We kick off 2020 with an overhaul the VLAB Works website to make it possible to learn about the product … but that isn’t why you are here. It is entirely possible that someone has predicted that every year since 1886, […]

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Introducing VLAB 2.5 !

VLAB Works recently introduced a major update, VLAB 2.5, to its flagship VLAB product line. VLAB 2.5 was recently introduced to address customers needs for agility between development and test groups. VLAB 2.5 has a completely new, simplified product structure, and is easier to use. For any virtual platform, all functionality is now encompassed into […]

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