VLAB Works plays an integral part in an ecosystem dedicated to enabling and supporting the embedded industry’s leading providers. This position is one that has been earned through repeated hard work and collaboration, always with the goal of doing what is best for the customer.

The benefits to users of such an ecosystem are many; from enabling the connection of VLAB VDMs to other tools, to quickly creating required virtualizations using components from various suppliers. The goal is always to create the best-performing, highest-value environment for the user!

As you will see below, the work to connect, configure and extend VLAB has already been done. However, supporting industries that are constantly evolving and innovating means that sometimes customers need something different or simply some assistance. It’s a scenario that we are familiar with and where our Professional Services team excel, by stepping in and enabling you and your scenario.

There are regular additions to the Ecosystem; if you would like to request one then let us know.

In-Depth Partner Profiles


At the heart of any virtualization are models of embedded hardware. ASTC and VLAB Works collaborate closely with industry-leading Semiconductor IP vendors to create such models, meaning that often your target device might be available off the shelf, or can be developed to meet your timelines.


The role and scope of software being used in embedded devices continue to grow, as does the number of software packages available. Through reports gathered from customers, and as part of the extensive V&V process, VLAB has proven it can run several OS and BSPs combinations.


Modern debug clients are a vital tool in the hands of embedded software developers. From simply loading the software onto the device, controlling execution, setting breakpoints, viewing and modifying memory, and interpreting the state of the OS… the tasks are many and varied, and most engineers have a favourite debugger to use. In VLAB you can connect the same Clients to debug target-compiled software that connects to hardware boards without requiring additional hardware connectors.


It’s a connected world, a statement that rings true for both the embedded devices that VLAB virtualizes and the environments in which VLAB works. As is the case for Debug Clients, VLAB supports connection to industry standard tools that are widely used for co-simulation and testing.