Partner Profile: ARM

  • Arm is the leading technology provider of processor IP, offering the widest range of cores to address the performance, power, and cost requirements of every device—from IoT sensors to supercomputers, and from smartphones and laptops to autonomous vehicles.
  • VLAB Works has partnered with ARM to deliver highly valued simulation environments for SoCs, systems, and end devices using ARM cores.

VLAB Works™ and ARM®

A VLAB Works virtual platform provides an all-in-software development platform centered around controllers, processors, and SoCs incorporating Arm architecture cores. The platform supports application development on all aspects of the SoC including application processing clusters, real time clusters, control clusters, and accelerators. VLAB Works supports extending these platforms to the full extent of our customer’s systems be they ECU, network node, or complete vehicles to enable additional development opportunities.

VLAB Virtual Platforms:

  • TI V-EVMs: J721E V-EVM, J7200 V-EVM, AM64x V-EVM
  • NXP S32: ARM v7 and v8
  • Renesas R-CAR Gen 3: M3, H3, V3M, V3H
  • ARM Reference Platforms: PB926, Cortex-A, Cortex-M, Cortex-R

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