• Since 1982, the safety and security-certified software products, technologies and expert services from Green Hills Software have enabled electronics manufacturers to efficiently develop and confidently deploy purpose-built embedded software that performs critical functions in vehicles, aircraft, medical devices, industrial applications, storage devices, phones and other applications.
  • VLAB Works has partnered with Green Hills to deliver a combined platform to develop, test and validate applications with Green Hills products on simulated devices.

VLAB Works™ and Green Hills

The combination of Green Hills products and VLAB Works enables developers to create, run, debug, test and optimize their C/C++ code on software-simulated processor platforms from VLAB Works.

  • The MULTI® development environment has been in use by thousands of developers for three decades and is the industry’s unrivaled integrated development environment to create, debug, and optimize C/C++ code for production-focused systems.
    • Featuring a multicore debugger, profiler, simulator, run-time error checking, project builder, MISRA C Adherence Checker, DoubleCheck static code coverage, and many other integrated tools.
  • Green Hills Optimizing Compilers  generate the fastest and smallest production-quality code. The toolchain and run-time libraries are qualified to the highest functional safety levels for ISO 26262 (Automotive), IEC 61508 (Industrial) and EN 50128 (Railway).
  • Trusted Advisor Services help customers achieve their own tailored levels of safety, security, and performance, with the highest developer productivity. Services include design help, product training, safety certification guidance and custom development.
  • Learn more at https://www.ghs.com or contact sales@ghs.com


  • Renesas RH850 MCUs with G3 core – P1M, P1xC, C1x, F1H, F1L, F1k, E1x
  • Renesas RH850 MCUs with G4 core – E2x, E2XFCC2, U2A