VLAB VDM Toolboxes

Select from a range of ready-to-go VLAB VDM Toolboxes available for Processor Architectures, MCUs, ECUs and SoCs. With VLAB VDMs for embedded hardware from providers including ARM, Infineon, NXP, Renesas and Texas Instruments, each toolbox gives users a rapid path to executing target compiled software.

VLAB VDM Toolboxes come with options for:

  • Edition – Suite or Express
  • VLAB Type – Ability to run concurrent VDMs
  • License Type – Node-locked or Floating
  • Include VLAB – Include VLAB in the bundle

To proceed, submit a quote request, and our team will work to get VLAB VDMs running in your environment quickly. If you would like an option that isn’t listed, contact us and we can work with you to customise a solution.

VLAB Tooling Options

VLAB aims to equip users with all of the virtual environments they need to accelerate the development and testing of embedded software. You may have started with just one VLAB VDM Toolbox or custom VECU VDM and enough VLAB licenses to get started, and after adding additional users, projects, or VDM Toolboxes, additional VLAB licenses are required.

To increase your capacity to run concurrent VDMs or maybe even upgrade your VDM capacity from VLAB Express to VLAB Suite, there are a variety of options, which you can get a quote on below.





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