VLAB Workstation

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VLAB Workstation is the VLAB desktop product solution for unlimited access by a single user to any number of VLAB instances on a desktop.

With VLAB Workstation, a user can easily set up and use any number of concurrent VDM instances on their desktop, either individually or in groups.

Express Edition is optimised for a simple ‘configure, launch, load, and run’ workflow.

Suite Edition adds advanced tools for software debug, profiling, analysis and test, along with workflow automation tools and features.

Multiple concurrent users each require a VLAB Workstation license.

If you would like a custom set of options or upgrade an existing license then please contact sales.

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VLAB Workstation a big step up from VLAB Essentials for the desktop user.

VLAB Workstation provides each user with access to an unlimited number of VLAB instances running on their desktop. Each user can configure, launch and use concurrently as many VLAB VDMs on their desktop as they need to, either interactively or in regression farm groups, at no additional cost, limited only by the available hardware resources on their desktop.

The Express edition is designed to enable a simple and easy to use workflow, where user can rapidly set up, configure, launch, load software and tests, and run one or more VDMs, either stand alone or using external or third party debug tools.

The Suite Edition adds advanced run time and interactive tools for software debug, profiling, analysis and test with a VDM, and VDM workflow automation tools for agile and iterative development, integration, and test, only possible in a virtual environment and beyond the limitations of embedded hardware.

A VLAB Workstation user license can be extended and complemented with a VLAB Server product. VLAB Server provides a VLAB Workstation user with easy access to cost effective scalable capacity for running an unlimited number of VDMs concurrently, on one or more server class hosts, limited only by the number of licensed physical host CPU cores on the server.

If you would like to change the mix of options to something different or upgrade an existing license then please contact sales and our team will be more than happy to make it happen.
Licenses can be configured for
1) Edition: Suite or Express
2) VDM(s): Unlimited number of concurrent VDM instances on the same desktop host.
3) Processor Architecture: ARM, PowerPC, RH850 or TriCore.
4) License type: Node locked or Local Floating or Global Floating

A full listing of currently supported Target architectures can be found here – Latest Releases.

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