VLAB Server

VLAB Server is the VLAB product solution for unlimited access to virtualization on one or more Server class machines, by an unlimited number of concurrent VLAB users to an unlimited number of concurrent instances.

VLAB Server price for a given Server host is determined only by the number of physical host CPU cores licensed on the server and does not depend on the number of concurrent VLAB instances or the number of VLAB users accessing the Server. This allows fixed cost scalable concurrent execution and farming of an unlimited number of VDMs by an unlimited number of VLAB users.

A VLAB Essentials or VLAB Workstation user license is a pre-requisite for using VLAB Server. Any licensed VLAB Essentials or VLAB Workstation user can launch and use any number of VDMs on a companion VLAB Server installation.

VLAB Server comes in two editions, Express and Suite.

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Express, Suite



Host CPU Cores

24, 32, 48, Other (Get a Quote)

Processor Architecture

ARM, PowerPC, RH850 [Get a Quote], RISC-V, TriCore, Other [Get a Quote]

License Type

Node Locked, Local Floating [Get a Quote], Global Floating [Get a Quote]


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