VLAB VDM Toolboxes

VLAB VDM Toolboxes package ready-to-use VLAB VDMs that enable users looking to work with virtual embedded hardware. Each toolbox contains several VLAB VDMs, pre-configured with virtual hardware, loaded software and supporting specific various use cases.

When selecting a VLAB VDM Toolbox, users can tailor the capabilities, target environment, capacity and license type to match their requirements. Not all configuration options are listed online, but can be modified on request. For example, users can configure VLAB by the number of Host CPUs available for virtualization. Online configurations for VLAB Server (24 host CPUs) and VLAB Enterprise (192 host CPUs) are the default and can be increased for additional Host CPU capacity if required. In the same way, all online prices are for floating licenses with alternatives available upon request.

A VLAB VDM Toolbox comes bundled with your choice of VLAB. If you already are using VLAB VDMs, you have the option of adding additional VLAB licenses, increasing your capacity to run VDMs, or, you can leave VLAB out of the bundle, and use your existing VLAB with both VDM toolboxes.

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VDM Toolbox

ARMV8A, ARMV8R, ARMV7M, Infineon Aurix 2G, Infineon Aurix 3G, Infineon Traveo II, NXP S32G2, NXP S32G3, NXP S32K1xx, NXP S32K3xx, Renesas RH850 G3, Renesas RH850 G4, ST SPC5, ST SR6Px/SR6Gx, TI Sitara AM6x, TI Jacinto 7


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