VLAB Enterprise

VLAB Enterprise is the VLAB product solution that gives ultimate access to VLAB virtualization across the entire customer enterprise. Access to any supported embedded target architecture, on any number or host type, by any concurrent interactive users and run time instances.

The scale of VLAB Enterprise concurrent use and performance is limited only by the licensed host capacity, that being the number of licensed physical host CPU cores concurrently accessing VLAB across the enterprise.

There are no pre-requisites, and anyone anywhere in the customer enterprise can become a VLAB user, launch and use any number of VLAB instances on any machine in the enterprise, as long as the total number of host CPU cores in use at any one time is within the number licensed.

A VLAB Enterprise license starts at a minimum number of host CPU cores. Additional capacity can be purchased and upgraded anytime and for any period.

VLAB Enterprise is available in both Express and Suite editions.

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Express, Suite



Host CPU Cores

192, 256, 512, Other (Get a Quote)

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Enterprise Wide


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