VLAB Express

VLAB Express is the entry point to the VLAB family of products providing access to VLAB Virtual Toolboxes in a streamlined environment designed to enable rapid adoption and exceptional ease of use. VLAB Express has been designed to support the user who simply needs a high-performance repeatable environment in which to run their target software in a virtual environment. It includes the VLAB Simulation Kernel necessary to run VLAB Virtual Platforms and the VLAB Express GUI. VLAB Express can run both standard VLAB Virtual Platform Toolboxes or Virtual Platforms created by the user with VLAB Suite.

VLAB Express GUI

The VLAB Express GUI is streamlined to ensure the user can quickly select the appropriate virtual platform and begin execution. The set of buttons and configurations has been trimmed to just those necessary for the task allowing the user to minimize time spent configuring the tools and maximize the time spent working on the virtual system.

Key VLAB Express GUI features include:

  • Select a virtual platform
  • Configure a virtual platform
  • Run
  • Stop
  • Checkpoint (on supported host platforms)
  • Configure RealI/O Connections

VLAB Simulation Kernel

The VLAB Simulation Kernel is a high-performance simulation kernel that is fully compatible with the OSCI SystemC Standard. In addition to the standard APIs the kernel has been optimized for high performance and extended to provide best in class inspection debug and control of the virtual components making up the Virtual Platform and the software running on the Virtual Platform. See VLAB Software Suite and VLAB Suite as not all features of the kernel are accessible though the VLAB Express GUI.