VLAB Express is the perfect environment to start using virtual platforms. Designed with rapid adoption and exceptional ease of use in mind, VLAB Express suits the user who simply needs a high-performance simulation environment. With a focus on simple yet powerful execution, users can rely on VLAB Express for a quick and easy setup. 

VLAB Express is …

… for the user who simply needs a high- performance simulation environment

VLAB Express delivers …

User Friendly IDE

The VLAB Express GUI has been designed with a single purpose in mind. All unnecessary chrome has been stripped away to focus attention on what is important, making it quick and easy to start executing your code.

The VLAB Express GUI makes it easy to:

  • Load your virtual platform
  • Load your target software
  • Run and Stop execution
  • Use and manage checkpoints **
  • Configure RealI/O Connections

** Checkpointing not supported on all host platforms

High Performance Simulation

At the heart of VLAB is a high performance simulation kernel, fully compatible with the OSCI SystemC Standard. If you need to know more, see the latest documentation.


Users can take advantage of scripting APIs that provide best in class inspection, debug and control of the virtual components of the Virtual Platform and the target software. 

what is important, making it quick and easy to start executing your code

Need more? VLAB lets you …