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        What you need to know about VLABWorks


        VLAB in your region

        To provide the best sales and technical support possible, we have established offices in the following geographical regions. Please contact the VLAB Works sales and support representatives responsible for your local region as shown below.

        Headquarters –
        Australia, New Zealand and Asia

        Level 1, 97 Pirie Street
        Adelaide, SA 5000

        Phone: +61 417 867 199
        Fax: +61 8 8410 2249


        PO Box 119, 5580 AC Waalre

        Phone: +31 6 8317 7471


        42 Avenue du Général de Croutte
        31100 Toulouse

        Phone: +33 (0) 5 62 48 07 27


        14F ARCA Central 1-2-1 Kinshi
        Sumida-ku, Tokyo
        130-0013 Japan

        Phone: +81 3 6853 6681
        Fax: +81 3 6853 6601


        100 Trade Center Drive, Suite 302
        CHAMPAIGN IL61820-7233

        Phone: +1 512 660 1901

        About Us

        VLAB Works is the industry leader in software technology for modeling, simulation, and virtual prototyping of embedded electronic systems.  VLAB Works customers apply this technology to the virtualization and automation of the embedded system development process. We help replace hardware with software, paper specifications with live simulations, late with early, slow with fast, limited with unlimited, complex with simple, and manual with automated.

        VLAB Works technology and solutions enable production level agile embedded development processes. These processes help accelerate product development schedules, develop optimized software and systems, improve quality, reduce risk, and eliminate the need for physical lab set ups and hardware. VLAB Works helps customers design better products, do a better job in development, reduce the need for manufacturing and hardware, and help keep our planet greener.

        At VLAB Works our core mission is to reduce the barriers to the broader application of modeling, simulation, and all-in-software product prototyping providing new alternatives to traditional industry development tools and methodologies. With VLAB, companies can significantly reduce the complexity and cost of adoption and application of these technologies in their internal development operations. Additionally, VLAB customers can significantly reduce the cost of support to their own customers and partners in the design ecosystem. This end to end value proposition of VLAB to the entire development process helps companies achieve greater return on investment.


        VLAB Works is a subsidiary division of ASTC, with offices in America, Australia, Europe, and Japan. With a team, organization, history, and experience stretching back to the early 90s, VLAB Works and ASTC employ over 100 staff in R&D, product engineering and customer service and support on four continents.