VLAB Suite

VLAB Suite extends VLAB Software Suite to provide full access to the hardware state of the simulated system. Every CPU and device register, every byte of RAM, and every I/O signal is available for inspection and control. Like all VLAB products, all this functionality is fully scriptable. Not only does this take debug to the extreme, it also brings testing to a new level enabling the user to inject hardware faults testing fault recovery code and ensuring all necessary code coverage requirements have been met.

For the virtualization engineer, the VLAB Suite includes both the VLAB Virtual Platform Debug and Analysis Tools and the VLAB Virtual Platform Authoring and Development Tools, which provide the necessary debug tools, APIs, and frameworks for the development of models of new IP, and customization of the tools for integration into customer specific processes.

VLAB Virtual Platform Debug and Analysis Tools

VLAB provides a set rich set of tools for debug of virtual platforms at the virtual hardware level. In addition to the software centric views, VLAB supplies tracing and breakpoints on signals, ports, buses and registers within models and all the signals between models.

  • Hierarchy and connectivity introspection and discovery
  • Graphical system view to inspect and interact with a VP
  • View and modify any model attribute, port, or register
  • Register bit-field visualization and in-tool online help
  • Trace or execute a custom scripted action on any port or signal change, bus transaction, register access or IP activity
  • Add custom tracing points to any C++ or Python code
  • Source level debug of IP model code
  • Advanced tracing format with metadata information, fast search and indexing, program access via VLAB APIs
  • Log data to text, console, VCD or VLAB trace format
  • Add custom simulation data trace formats to suit any use case or downstream tool requirements
  • VLAB Trace Tool for SW/HW simulation data analysis, visualization and export
  • Python API access and database operations on VLAB trace format files

VLAB Virtual Platform Authoring and Development Tools

VLAB VP Authoring and Development tools enable users to build out a virtual platform either from scratch or based on virtual components.

Modelling Framework

  • APIs for model description, instantiation and assembly of SystemC / TLM models and netlists.
  • Templates to simplify model design and implementation.
  • Tools for autogeneration of model templates and test benches.
  • Tools for import of 3rd party SystemC / TLM models into VLAB as 1st class native model objects.
  • Tools for export of VLAB models and netlists into standard SystemC / TLM for integration into 3rd party SystemC / TLM tools.

Processor Modeling Studio (PMS)

  • Suite of tools to create high performance Instruction Set Simulator (ISS) models of processor cores and other computationally intensive models
  • Core models developed using PMS tools generally automatically support GDB server interface, Fast software analysis, Disassembly, and advanced instrumentation

IP-XACT Toolbox

  • Enables the use of the IP-XACT standard IEEE 1685-2014 format as the basis of a VLAB model, saving time and energy debugging detailed interface specifications