ASTC has a long history of supporting developers using NXP hardware with virtual environments. The partnership with NXP that has delivered resources for MPC and S32 platforms has now delivered another. VLAB QORIQ Virtual Platforms offer three variants of the NXP QORIQ family and are now available. Building on the super fast ASTC e5500 and e6500 core models, T1040, T2080 and P5040 variants are ready to go.

With VLAB QORIQ Virtual Platforms, our goal is to give customers an environment that works first time. As for surprises our hope is that they are pleasant ones! Key to our strategy is validating that the software our users want to use, works as expected. The list of validated software is always growing which you can find on the VLAB ecosystem page. For the T2080 the list includes Linux, VxWorks and DEOS, as you can see a simple demonstration in the video below.

Running different OS is straight forward, but it shows that the Virtual Platform is ready to go. What you might not have realised … the VxWorks demonstration is actually the VxWorks 653 Hypervisor running 4 VxWorks Guests. Demonstrations such as this have recently been supplemented by running a NXP Topaz Embedded Hypervisor with multiple Linux partitions. The message is that users can have confidence that the Virtual Platform can meet their needs.

the Virtual Platform is ready to go

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