VLABWorks has added to its suite of ready to go and easy to use Virtual EVMs, with the VLAB Jacinto7 J7200 Virtual EVM now available for users. Following on from the successful launch of the VLAB Jacinto7 Virtual EVM, users can now develop software targeted at the TI DRA821 processor using the new Virtual EVM. Already proven against the TI J7200 SDK, users can have confidence that, with little to no ramp-up, they can start developing once download and install is complete.

To see what is possible with a Virtual EVM, the video below demonstrates some of the packaged examples that come with the SDK, running in VLAB.

If you can picture yourself developing and testing your DRA821 software, without having to leave your PC / laptop, then make it happen. The VLAB Works team is ready to equip you with a Virtual EVM.