VLAB Batch

In the same way that each VLAB tool provides a focused offering, VLAB Batch has been created for a single purpose, that is rapid regression test execution. Delivering a key component of the virtualized embedded product development, VLAB Batch can automate and upscale test execution into any number of parallel instances. Exploiting the parallelism of multi-core and multi-node servers, VLAB Batch can drastically shorten regression test runs. The result is an environment that encourages testing early and often, and catches defects that slip in.

created for a single purpose, that is rapid test execution

Boasting the same high performance simulation as VLAB Express, VLAB Software Suite and VLAB Suite, VLAB Batch executes test automation scripts non-interactively. The mode of execution may be different but the timing and results from running test automation scripts in VLAB Batch is the same as when run in any of the interactive VLAB Tools. These tools are often used to develop and debug test automation scripts, before switching to ‘Batch’ mode for execution.

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