VLAB Works recently introduced a major update, VLAB 2.5, to its flagship VLAB product line. VLAB 2.5 was recently introduced to address customers needs for agility between development and test groups.

VLAB 2.5 has a completely new, simplified product structure, and is easier to use. For any virtual platform, all functionality is now encompassed into four blocks:
– VLAB Express
– VLAB Software Suite
– VLAB Suite
– VLAB Batch

VLAB Express is the GUI that controls and configures virtual platforms. The VLAB Software Suite adds a full GUI debugging environment, including analysis, profiling, test and 3rd party debug integration. The VLAB Suite extends VLAB Software Suite with full access to the simulated hardware state as well as a virtual platform authoring and debug tools. Lastly, VLAB Batch contains all the same functionality in a totally non-interactive, ‘batch-mode’ package, allowing users to run non-interactive test automation scripts developed using another VLAB product.

In addition to the product simplification, major upgrades include updated virtual platform and host support.
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