VBD – Virtualisation Based Development

Virtualization is the process of replacing all elements of an embedded development environment, including paper specifications, target hardware, test instruments, and plant and equipment, with software representations, for an all-in-software path to creating working executable versions of an embedded system or of any of its components or sub-systems.

A Virtualization Based Development (VBD) process leverages virtualization in all phases of development. It enables acceleration by allowing development tasks to start earlier and by proceeding at a higher pace and on a wider front. Examples include automation of development and test, optimization of design, increased test scope and coverage, and calibration procedures that are not feasible with real hardware implementations.

Importantly VBD is a methodology that can be used in isolated development phases or as a complete, end-to-end process that is complimentary to existing methodologies.

Customers have demonstrated the impact of VBD using VLAB across:

  • Definition / Specification
  • Architecture / Design
  • Implementation (Code & Test)
  • Validation
  • Optimization
  • Post release field and customer support

Accelerate Development

Placing virtual environments in the hands of developers means they can start development and test earlier, work more efficiently individually and in teams and increase re-use between projects.


Possible reduction in end-to-end development lifecycle*

*Reductions of up to %50 have been achieved

Focus on Quality

VBD makes it possible to:

  • Start testing earlier,
  • Reuse or repurpose tests easier,
  • Increase coverage with tests not possible on hardware,
  • Catch and resolve defects early,
  • Deploy rigorous test automation and CI practices


Increased possible test coverage

VBD Case Study

For a deeper understanding of what VBD looks like, you might like to read our case study. Drawing on the experiences of VLAB customers who have deployed VBD, it demonstrates the potential results.

VBD in your environment

Most development and test environments are unique in some way. Find out how VBD can add to your context.