VLAB Virtual Platform (VP) Toolbox products extend the VLAB range of VDMs with additional support for the specific low level hardware architectures and specifications of market leading third party embedded computing devices. These extensions enable the execution in VLAB, of a wider range of low level or bare metal operating software specific to such third party devices.

VLAB VP Toolboxes package and deliver additional virtual hardware components and integration of these with VLAB, which support alternative specifications of already pre-integrated hardware functions or provide new hardware functions. For example, adding support for an alternative third party controller for CAN, or adding a new virtual interface to a digital radio device.

Custom VLAB VP Toolbox products can be prepared to order, to provide customer specific virtual platform solutions. For example, a virtual platform of a specific customer proprietary embedded computer module, such as an Automotive Control ECU or a Gateway ECU.


Toolboxes and Device Variants available:

  • Aurix TC3xx – TC36x, TC37x, TC38x, TC39x
  • Aurix TC4xx


Variants available:

  • Parker


Toolboxes and Device Variants available:

  • i.MX8 (Quad A53) | Linux
  • MPC56xx – MPC5604BC, MPC5645B, MPC5674F
  • MPC57xx – MPC5746M, MPC5746R, MPC5748G, MPC5775N, MPC5777C
  • MPC74xx – MPC7448
  • MPC8xxx – MPC8260, MPC8548 
  • QorIQ – P5040, T1040, T2080
  • S32 – S32Kx, S32G


Toolboxes and Device Variants available:

  • RCar – V3M
  • RH850 G3 – P1M, P1xC, C1x, F1H, F1L, F1k, E1x
  • RH850 G4 – E2x, E2XFCC2, U2A

ST Micro

Toolboxes and Device Variants available:

  • SPC5 – SPC58NH90C3, SPC58NH92C5

Texas Instruments

Toolboxes and Device Variants available:

  • J721E V-EVM – DRA829J, DRA829V, TDA4VM, AM752x
  • J7200 V-EVM – DRA821U, DRA821A
  • AM64x V-EVM – AM6411, AM6412, AM6421, AM6441 AM6442
  • AM62x V-EVM – AM623, AM625

Toolbox Catalog

VLAB Virtual Platform Toolboxes provide access to related virtual platforms for specific partner semiconductors and modules.

You may request a quote for a listed VLAB VP Toolbox or to order a new one specific to your needs. New virtual platforms may result in modification to an already existing VLAB toolbox product or be packaged and supplied as a new toolbox.

VLAB Virtual Platform Toolboxes are licensed as add-ons to VLAB VDMs. As part of a VLAB installation, users can select a version of VLAB to launch and manage VDMs that suits their environment, resources and use case.

When licensing a toolbox, customers will be informed of the required VDM Processor Architecture(s). For example, a Virtual Platform Toolbox providing a line of ARM based SoC virtual platforms will require VLAB VDM with ARM Processor Architecture as a prerequisite.

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