Software Testing

Testing with VLAB and VLAB VDMs saves time and money in test infrastructure set up and provides additional coverage value and time to market value to your development cycle

Reasons why you should use VLAB:

  • Virtual Test Farm of multiple testing VLAB instances on single computer or server.
  • Automate and Continuously Integrate/Continuously Test (CI/CT)
  • Isolation and Protection of test execution on one VLAB instance from all others
  • Scale Parallel Capacity Up and Down with unlimited VDM access
  • Faster Release Cycles and Time to Market
  • Better Debug and Analysis of Failing Test Cases
  • Failure Mode and Fault Injection Testing
  • Low Set Up, Operational and Maintenance Costs

VLAB solutions for Software Test:

  • Start with simple Configure, Load, Run, Pass/Fail tests and test automation
  • Take advantage of on-the-fly Debug, Trace, Test and Analysis in your testing
  • Test on your desktop, on a server or in the cloud.


Start testing early, before hardware is available, and proceed faster, with faster test execution and debug.

End to End

Continuously integrate and test code changes, even multiple times a day. Test through development and beyond into maintenance.


Add and run any number of testing VDMs in parallel, on one or more computers, for shorter turn around times than possible with hardware.


Plug all gaps in coverage, especially hard to reach corner cases and fault conditions, increase the scope of test, beyond the limits of hardware.

Plug In

Connect to industry leading test tools, or to your own, that provide the stimulus and the checks that a test case needs.

Supporting a Team

Create and maintain an environment where developers can probe and debug, and testers can achieve test coverage on demand. VLAB Workstation allows for both scenarios. Project teams can set up, run and manage tests on their network of desktops or add capacity with VLAB Server.

A Workstation deployment starts with:

  • 1x VLAB Virtual Processor Architecture
  • 1x VLAB Workstation (unlimited VDM)

Such a deployment allows each license holder to concurrently run the number of supported VLAB instance for the chosen Processor Architecture. Typically teams will supplement desktop installations with VLAB Server to balance resources usage of development and testing activities.

Scaling and Accelerating Test

Testing large test suites, such as for regression testing, can take so long that it may only be possible to do infrequently or only once before release. The long turn around times are due to the difficulty in test set up and automation in an embedded workbench, and in the limited access to hardware to test many test cases in parallel. VLAB enables frequent and continuous integration and execution of large scale regression test suites for embedded software, by providing an all in software environment for test set up automation and parallel test execution. VLAB Server and Enterprise give testers an unlimited supply of VDMs for test in a network of desktops or server environment. Instead of waiting weeks for test results, overnight or daily full suite regressions is a reality with VLAB.

VLAB Enterprise provides:

  • Scalable number of Host CPUs for simulation, starting at 192
  • Host CPUs can be shared across desktops and servers
  • Any number of VDMs
  • Any number of users
  • Any VLAB Virtual Processor Architecture

With such a flexible allocation of resources, multiple teams, targeting different target hardware, can in parallel develop, continuously run, debug and analyse their software and tests.