The VLAB Works Consulting Services group is a global team of highly experienced experts in the virtualization and automation of embedded development projects and in the application of VLAB products, offering individual or project based consulting. We can help you be off to a rapid start, make effective use of your VLAB products, and help you design your solution or design it for you.

Our team of expert engineers and consultants will work with you to understand and analyze the needs of your project, your goals, devise different approaches to virtualization and automation, and consult on implementation strategies. We can then assist with the execution of your implementation plans. We can architect, develop, and deliver to you any or all components of your new virtual environment, including virtual device models, integrated platforms, and applications.

If you find yourself short of suitable virtualization expertise, engineering resources, or would like to outsource the entire virtualization environment, while you focus on using and exploiting its full potential to your embedded project, the VLAB Consulting Services team will be happy to help.

  • Virtualization of embedded development
  • Executable specifications
  • System level simulation
  • Architecture modelling and analysis
  • Virtual prototyping, virtual platforms, and models
  • SW development with virtual platforms and tools
  • HW validation and verification with virtual platforms and tools
  • Hybrid (HW/VP) and HW in the Loop Simulation (HILS) environments
  • Simulation data instrumentation, measurement, and analysis
  • Automated test, validation and verification environments



The VLAB Software Maintenance & Enhancement (M&E) Service enables subscribing VLAB Works customers to continuously update, improve and expand their VLAB products as well as receive direct technical support. Under the VLAB Software M&E Service program, users are entitled to:

  • Enhancements. Software enhancement updates with new features, in regular releases at least twice a year.
  • Bug Fix Maintenance. Software bug fix updates, in regular quarterly releases.
  • Expand your VLAB environment. Add new products, Toolboxes, and options to your license.
  • User Technical Support. Get direct technical assistance with problems and access to technical solutions via direct online and email contact to VLAB support engineers.
  • Request new features. File online requests for new features or enhancements, and receive advance information on planned new releases and roadmaps.
  • Registered users will have access to an online support help line, including a portal to send enquiries, lodge bug or problem reports, request additional support, training, consultation or other help.

Higher levels of support and custom support are also available on request.


  • Subscription to the Software M&E Service is required to get access to the latest releases and add new products to the license.
  • Subscription to the Software M&E Service is included for the first year of all new perpetual product licenses and can be renewed annually thereafter.
  • For term licenses, subscription to the VLAB Software M&E Service is included over the duration of the license term.
  • If Software M&E Service subscription is interrupted, it can be reinstated, but back charges will be incurred over the period of interruption.



VLAB Works has developed professional training materials and established a team of expert trainers to offer training in the effective use and application of VLAB, virtualization software, methods, and solutions.

  • VLAB
  • Jump Start
  • SystemC / TLM 2.0
  • Model Development and Test
  • Virtual Platform Development and Test
  • Applications of Virtualization to Embedded Development
  • Architecture Modeling and Simulation, Performance Analysis
  • Software Debug and Analysis on a Virtual Platforms and Tools
  • Automated Software Test and Regression Test Environments
  • Hardware Verification and Validation using Virtual Platforms and Tools
  • Virtual Platforms for Automotive, Aerospace, IoT, Medical, Industrial, Communications, Multimedia applications
  • Co-Verification of Software and Hardware, Co-Simulation with RTL / HDL and FPGA
  • Co-simulation with MATLAB™/Simulink™, CANoe/CANalyzer, INCA, dSPACE, FMI and other third party tools
  • C++, Python Programming

These training courses are available at advanced, intermediate, and foundational levels. Training can be delivered at our facilities; at your site; or online.