Refund Policy

When you purchase items from VLAB Works, we offer the following for the period of one (1) year or the term of the license, whichever is less.

Customers can access a dedicated email support solution to hear your problems and give you a quick solution. The following guidelines should be considered before asking for a refund.

At our discretion, we may grant a refund if :

  • the product purchased substantially fails to operate as per its documentation, as evidenced by failing tests supplied by you, and, in our opinion, our team is unable to correct such failures and provide suitable updates which resolve the issues
  • account fraud is detected

We don’t grant a refund if :

  • problems result from not installing or configuring the product correctly,
  • your host doesn’t meet the recommended specifications,
  • you experience problems with interoperability with other software and/or hardware that isn’t listed as being supported,
  • you changed your mind about the purchase,
  • you choose not to use the product anymore.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this Refund policy can be updated at anytime. Subscriptions to our mailing list are recommended where any updates to this policy will be broadcast.

Any further questions regarding this policy should be directed to