The Renesas R-Car SOC family provides cockpit and vision compute platforms for the autonomous drive era. Designed for software developers working with R-Car, the VLAB R-Car Virtual Platform starts with support for the H3, V3M, and V3H models. Packed with all of the features that users have come to expect of VLAB Virtual Platforms, it is ideal for advanced debugging and analysis.
Demonstration of Linux Boot and Graphics Application

VP Product

Virtual Platform Features

  • Cluster Parallelism
  • ARM® Debug
    • Internal Scripted Debugger
    • Trace32
    • GDB
  • CV Engine Debug
    • Internal Scripted Debugger
  • IMP-X5 Debug
    • Internal Scripted Debugger
    • Renesas e2studio
  • Function and Statement Coverage
  • Function Trace
    • ARM®
    • IMP-X
      • Including OCV Core

Supported Silicon Features

  • ARM® Cortex-A57 Cluster
  • ARM® Cortex-A53 Cluster
  • CV Engine
  • Display Output
  • Ethernet
  • Flash
  • Internal RAM
  • IMP-X5
  • IMP Legacy Core
  • IMR
  • USB

Validated Software

  • Linux

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