Simulation is a tool that has been available to developers of embedded devices for many, many years. However, working with the hardware has generally been the preference as the simulator was too slow, too inaccurate or too expensive.

VLAB Works has rethought the foundational assumptions of simulation to bring you Virtualization Based Development, a new way of thinking about developing embedded products. VLAB Tools and our suite of Virtual Platforms, put the power and techniques desktop software developers have come to expect from virtualization in your hands to create the embedded products of the future.

a new way of thinking about developing embedded products

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Underpinning the development of tomorrow’s embedded products, are VLAB Tools and Virtual Platforms.


Navigating the complex demands of embedded development is a task that VLAB Works can guide your company through. Our technology unlocks your potential.



Virtualization has rapidly been embraced as a means to experience what is normally out of reach. Swapping hardware for software, you can now prototype, design, develop and test in new ways.

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Agile development has brought with it a need for flexibility, which is the hallmark of virtual environments. Instead of replacing your tooling, virtual environments are tailored to integrate with and enhance what is already there.

Virtual environments promote Continuous Integration, with development and execution of software and tests made possible from early in the lifecycle.

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The feature set and requirements of today’s embedded products continues to rise dramatically. With that comes complexity. To successfully manage complexity requires automation. With a virtual environment, every step, be it assembly, configuration or execution of tests can be automated. The bonus is that such an environment can be scaled, transported and replayed with ease.

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The statement, “Knowledge is power”, is as true today as it has ever been. Some research and experiment to create new knowledge, others struggle to understand the behavior of their product. Virtual environments open access to information simply not available in real hardware. Imagine being able to learn what will happen when you inject faults or overload the system. 

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Developing embedded products is no longer a task for small teams, rather it is shared across companies and continents. Communication and sharing of complex requirements, designs, execution environments and results is made easier with VLAB. Complex environments or test cases can be described with a simple script, a script that can be shared anywhere in an instant.

Creating virtual environments that customers need is also a task that is often best shared. VLAB provides connections to leading embedded debug, analysis and simulation tooling to optimize the user’s experience.

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Virtualization Based Development

Developing embedded products with VLAB

VLAB makes it possible to virtualize and automate the end to end flow of embedded product development. From the early definition phase, right through to final release and support in the field.

Today’s architect is no longer restricted to pen and paper. Instead they can model and prototype specifications of new products, features, or use case scenarios in VLAB. Executable models of specifications expose opportunities and flaws from the beginning of the process. After refinement, they are an ideal environment in which to start development of tests.

Hardware and software teams, driving rapid design iterations to rapidly converge on an optimal design is now a reality with VLAB. The key is to be able to experiment with different configurations, architectures, parameters, all of which can be quickly modified, rebuilt and verified.

Want the quickest path to developing software for an embedded system? Don’t change in midstream, use a single toolchain, library set and OS for the life of the implementation. Free yourself from the restrictions of hardware such as late availability, instability or insufficient quantity. VLAB delivers availability plus complete, scriptable control over execution and full visibility into the internal system state. Combined with perfect repeatability of execution, this makes VLAB ideal for all debug and test activities.

Create tests that cover every phase of development and even tests that are impossible in hardware. Built into VLAB are the tools necessary to run tests early and then often, delivering analysis and results when required. Using automation and unlimited numbers of repeatable test execution environments, testing can be removed from the critical path.

In constrained systems such as frequently found in embedded products, optimization is critical. Often a difficult task, VLAB gives users a right set of data sources and tools for access and analysis in a Virtual environment. Analysis can then drive quick experiments based on VLAB’s tools to modify target software, virtual platform or tests on the fly. Quickly running regression tests before any such changes are made permanent, gives users confidence that there are no unintended consequences.

The long lifetime of embedded products often extends support requirements into multi-year engagements. Maintaining equipment and development environments, potentially in multiple locations, can get expensive quickly. With VLAB,  you can rapidly replicate field conditions to triage support requests from any worldwide location. Remotely supporting customers with such an environment is not only lowers maintenance costs, it puts solutions in customer hands sooner.

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