The evolution of the VLAB Works flagship offering VLAB is continuing. Users are now able to access a rapidly expanding list of videos to kick start or enhance their use of VLAB. In the new video portal,, you can find introductory, how-to and feature videos. The quick start guide to VLAB which is shown below is just one example.


What should become evident in the videos is that VLAB virtual platforms enable embedded software development without the constraints of target hardware availability. VLAB delivers off-the-shelf support for many popular MCUs and SoCs combined with tools and services to model entire systems. The result? A reference target for test development that can be automated for scalable continuous regression testing. By using such automation and scalability, test-time reduces compared to a hardware only approach.

Are you trying to expand your CI/DevOps infrastructure, looking for expanded work from home options, or simply new to VLAB? In each case there are plenty of opportunities to learn more and see which platforms are available off-the-shelf at