Embedded Software in VLAB

VLAB users have been developing, validating and supporting embedded applications based on all major software frameworks in common use. Listed below are just some examples listed by Operating System and Library that have been developed using VLAB VDMs. Not all Operating Systems and Applications are listed to preserve customer privacy, however if you would like to see your application highlighted please contact us.


Linux has been run on almost every VLAB Virtual Platform. This speaks both to its broad applicability across the embedded development market and uniform level of platform support. Internally we run Linux on every platform where a BSP exists. This simple validation step gives us confidence that our Virtual Platforms are fit for purpose. Interested in understanding more about why Linux running on a Virtual Platform is such a good idea? Why not start with one of the following:


A standard in Aerospace and Industrial Automation Wind River VxWorks is a deterministic, priority-based preemptive RTOS. It and the related VxWorks 653 have been used by customers of the NXP QorIQ T1040 and T2080 Virtual Platforms to debug and validate flight software.


A standard in the automotive world QNX Nutrino RTOS is a time-tested real-time operating system (RTOS). The VLAB J721E Virtual Platform has been used by customers to develop QNX applications.


The standard for automotive controls AUTOSAR Classic is used in almost every car on the road today. Amongst our automotive customers, Autosar development and validation is frequently using Infineon Aurix and Renesas RH850 Virtual Platforms. Chassis control, antilock breaking, fuel injection drivers and other safety critical applications are just some that we are aware of. Most of these take advantage of the unique virtual test harnesses / environments that are possible in VLAB.

ADAS Libraries

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications are leveraging libraries for development rather than favoring one OS or Hardware Vendor. The resultant portability between platforms makes VLAB Virtual Platforms the ideal environment to develop, validate and maintain such applications. While the benefits are obvious, the performance penalty of modelling complex hardware is real. In response VLAB has added VLAB Fusion technology. This advanced technology leverages acceleration hardware in virtualization hosts to supercharge simulation performance for embedded application development. The list of supported libraries is constantly growing so let us know if you have a particular need. Customers are already having success with OpenCL, OpenCUDA, CVEngine, and IMR applications.